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Rely on our decades of supplying industrial controls and application experience when you’re searching for integrated-automation and industrial-control-system solutions. Together, we’ll discover and define the particular needs and requirements your process demands and create a system with the best products from the highest-quality manufacturers available. A custom solution from First Industrial Controls delivers expert application and is skillfully integrated with your existing machinery and processes to last for years.


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We’re not simply a manufacturer’s rep and distributor. It’s our years of experience and the expert knowledge in understanding capabilities, that we deliver in each customized solution engineered from the products, equipment, materials and solutions we supply. We work side by side with our manufacturers and suppliers, so that the solution provided solves the production-system and operational challenges you’re facing. There may not be such a thing as perfect, but we always strive for perfection and pride ourselves as your partner in business when finding the right outcome.  

Guided by the parameters and requirements of your project, with the right combination of components, each custom-tailored configuration or system will produce the result your team needs and we’re proud to have helped with. Knowing how to install and maintain the sensors, transmitters, burners, data loggers, and control panels that we provide, we stand behind our products and are there with you when troubleshooting any bugs or issues. If something comes up that we’re not 100% confident on, we’re humble enough to find and ask someone who is – we’re pretty darn resourceful and have excellent relationships with the manufacturers who designed and built the products we distribute.

How Does Technology Provide New Solutions in Automation and Controls?

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At First Industrial Controls Inc. we believe that your business is our business and your success in business and life is how we measure our success in business and life. It’s our mantra and it defines how we approach every customer relationship, every project and every solution we engineer. Our company motto summarizes our work ethic and work product:

“Serving Our Customers – Your Success Is Our Mission.”

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Ideally, all new system and process integrations would be seamless, sync flawlessly and operations would run continuously. Though there always seems to be a hiccup during the process and troubleshooting along the way. Perhaps if we installed new flow sensors at the mythical Fountain of Youth, things would be flawlessly installed and we would have found the ‘perfect system’, but we don’t live in such a perfect world. That’s why we intimately know our equipment, systems and industries’ processes, so when we create a system of components that’s custom-configured for your process, it’s our knowledge and experience that delivers the real results you’re after.

NIR B Extraction - Auto-retract safeguard system from Ametek Land.

Installed in a glass melting furnace, Watch Ametek Land’s auto-retracting system demonstrate safeguarding the thermal imager against damage from overheating in the event of a loss of water flow, air pressure or electricity supply, or if a borescope tip high-temperature alarm is activated. An electric version is available.

NIR B Melt Tank - Monitoring system from Ametek Land.

The NIR-B-2K system uses advanced spectral filtering and is unaffected by the glass-melting furnace’s temperature and gases. Delivering real-time temperature readings and precise monitoring of the furnace interior, it includes background compensation to correct for background reflection, enabling continuous, correct stock temperature readings.

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