What is our company all about anyway?

Welcome To Our Story.


Simply put, our business is to support your business and Serving Our Customers means Your Success Is Our Mission. At First Industrial Controls Inc., we focus on adding value for others and have great respect for the people we work with – from the manufacturers we represent, to our customers and their time and needs. It’s our business to faithfully represent the high-quality products and provide superb customer service in the application and support of them. 


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Technically, We Are…

…a manufacturer’s representative & authorized distributor for premier-product lines such as Ametek Land, Ametek HDR, Pyromation, Future Design Controls, Honeywell, Unitherm Furnaces, Eclipse, Maxon, Fives North American, Morgan Advanced Materials, AccuTherm, Chromalox, Dungs and others.

As a provider of equipment and service for industrial control systems and solutions, First Industrial Controls has become a leading resource in supplying necessary tools like, PLC control integration, temperature controllers, data recorders, temperature sensors, transmitters, infrared pyrometers, thermal imaging equipment, combustion equipment, flame supervision, gas trains, electric heating elements, SCR controllers, new industrial ovens and furnaces, ladle heaters, foundry melting furnaces, oven and furnace rebuilds, high temperature insulation, and certified field service technicians for combustion-equipment services.

More Importantly, Our Core Business Values

With an incredible team of professionals onboard, we dedicate each day to ensure that you are receiving the best service possible. Our entire staff is passionate about the importance of our business values and works to achieve them at every step of the service we provide. The support our customers receive is centered on the following:

Focus on addressing each concern and the needs of customers with personalized and professional attention.

Building Relationships by providing professional and friendly service when sharing our knowledge that focuses on your success.

Communicate — professionally, often and concisely to demonstrate how working with us will benefit your business for years to come.

Exceeding Expectations in service, support, products and application to build confidence and comfort in all business relationships.

Our Company’s Purpose: Excellence, Integrity & Respect

Our purpose drives the decisions we make, in both in the short and long term. We strive to promote a professional culture where individuals can depend on one another and treat each other with respect. We believe our customers are best served when we’re committed to these areas.

Our dedication to excellence and precision are the two things that have brought us far in this industry. We pride ourselves on our excellent work, and do whatever it takes to get the job done with quality workmanship that we’re proud to stand behind.

Who Is Important To Us

Community Serve our communal society as good citizens, both corporately and individually.

Customers Provide effective solutions that create real economic value from high-value products and services that result in repeatedly satisfied clients.

Employees Create a fulfilling, supportive and productive work environment for employees in which they may grow and prosper in their careers and personal lives.

Business Owners Achieve company goals in a manner consistent with our purpose, values and a with balanced scorecard in life and business.

Suppliers Partner with suppliers and manufacturers in the pursuit of mutually beneficial outcomes.

Our 3 Levels of Planning for Success

Corporate By fostering a culture that is based on our values and purpose.

Business To continuously improve on our company as a lean enterprise that achieves its overall goals.

Marketing To remain customer-driven and focused so we may always deliver high-value solutions.

Our History

First Industrial Controls Inc. was formed on February 14, 2002 by Wayne Roberts who enjoyed working for another rep firm from 1986 until 2002. At that time, changes had taken place and the firm’s owner, whom Wayne held great respect for, and to whom he owed many of his learned skills, was planning on retiring. With this upcoming, Wayne found himself at a crossroads of self examination. Then, with gratitude and respect for those who had supported him so far, and for those who would support him (and First Industrial Controls Inc.) into the future, he took the confident step outward and established First Industrial Controls Inc. Built on this support, the business today continues to honor Wayne’s business mentor, friends, family, coworkers, colleagues, the manufacturing partners and customers who have, and continue to, graciously contributed to the journey that is the success of First Industrial Controls Inc..

Since the first day of FIC, the desire to build a company that serves customers with excellence, integrity, respect, and in the spirit of God’s love has been paramount. It is a core tenant of First Industrial Controls Inc. to always be authentic with every customer and with one another, as individuals. Now, with nearly 35 years of experience built into First Industrial Controls Inc., the business of providing industrial controls and automation solutions to numerous industries and types of manufacturing, which require a knowledgable partner in process components, sensors, power controls and combustion equipment is here to help your business usher in the next generation of success. 

Since inception, our company remains committed to its customers and offers a broad line of superior name brand products. Combined, we have nearly 50 years of application experience so you can be assured that whether the project is to replace a single part or is to work on a major install, we will do our best to give the customer the best quality product and service at all times and know that when we recommend a solution, it will be done right. We take pride in working with you as a business partner because your business is our business and we only feel success after our customers have succeeded. This was our mission when we started and it remains our mission today – to be the best we can be everyday by demonstrating our humility, gratitude and appreciation of our customers’ successes.

40+ Years of Industry Experience, Project Knowledge and Customer Successes.

Innovative, Cost-Effective Solutions That Deliver Precision & Performance.

Top-Quality, Process-Critical Instruments, Controls, Materials & Equipment.