Download FIC Line Sheet (PDF)

Controllers Monitors & Indicators

Process and Temperature Controls / Limit Controllers / Indicators / Windows CE HMI Touch Panel Computer / LAN Gateways & RS232/485 Converters

Future Design Controls, Honeywell, West Controls Solution

Temperature Sensors and Transmitters

Thermocouple, RTD Sensors, T/C & RTD Transmitters with HART

Pyromation, SensorTec

Infrared Non-Contact Temperature

Spot Pyrometers / Indicators / Controllers / Handhelds / Thermal Imagers / Line Scanners

Ametek Land

Data Loggers & Recorders

Paperless Recorders / Strip & Circular Chart Recorders / Portable Data Loggers / Window Based Software

Future Design Controls, Honeywell, West Controls Solution

Power Controllers

Zero & Phase Fired SCRs / Solid State Relays

Ametek HDR

Electrical Heating Elements

Heat Trace/ Flanged / Screw Plug / Over the Side / Circulation Heaters Tubular / Finned Tubular / Duct / Radiant / Rod Over Bend / EES Systems

AccuTherm, Chromalox, GS Inc


Regulators – Modern design, rugged construction, and precise pressure control

KDI, Sensus

Combustion Equipment & Flame Supervision

Single Burners / Blowers ·Mixers / Metering Orifices · Regulators / Control/Blocking Valves / Meters / Control Panels / Complete Gas Trains Variable Frequency Drives / Actuators / Blocking and Control Valves Single / Multi-Burner Flame Safeguard Systems / Ignition Systems / UV Scanners / Flame Rods

Eclipse, Fives North American, Hauck, Honeywell, Kromschroder, Maxon, NYB, Siemens

High Temperature Insulations

High Temperature Refractory – Kaowool and Superwool Environmental Blanket Paper / Boards / Insulating Brick / Pyro-Bloc Weld-On Modules / Engineered Shapes / Castable / Pipe Insulation / Insulating Blanket

Morgan Advanced Materials

Industrial Ovens and Furnaces

Custom Industrial Ovens, Furnaces, Washers, Dryers, and Complete Thermal Designed Systems


Industrial Furnace Rebuilds

Expert refractory installation services for repair and rebuilds for Plastic — ram and gun / castable / brick / ceramic fiber linings / gunite / shotcrete / refractory demolition and tear out / refractory bake-out services/ turnkey installations

Ferris Kimball, GSI, Plibrico

Download FIC Line Sheet (PDF)