Download FIC Line Sheet (PDF)

Controllers Monitors & Indicators

Process and Temperature Controls / Limit Controllers / Indicators / Windows CE HMI Touch Panel Computer / LAN Gateways & RS232/485 Converters

Future Design Controls, Honeywell, West Controls Solution

Temperature Sensors and Transmitters

Thermocouple, RTD Sensors, T/C & RTD Transmitters with HART

Pyromation, SensorTec

Infrared Non-Contact Temperature

Spot Pyrometers / Indicators / Controllers / Handhelds / Thermal Imagers / Line Scanners

Ametek Land

Data Loggers & Recorders

Paperless Recorders / Strip & Circular Chart Recorders / Portable Data Loggers / Window Based Software

Future Design Controls, Honeywell, West Controls Solution

Power Controllers

Zero & Phase Fired SCRs / Solid State Relays

Ametek HDR

Electrical Heating Elements

Heat Trace/ Flanged / Screw Plug / Over the Side / Circulation Heaters Tubular / Finned Tubular / Duct / Radiant / Rod Over Bend / EES Systems

Chromalox, GS Inc


Regulators – Modern design, rugged construction, and precise pressure control

KDI, Sensus

Combustion Equipment

Single Burners / Blowers ·Mixers / Metering Orifices · Regulators / Control/Blocking Valves / Meters / Control Panels / Complete Gas Trains Variable Frequency Drives / Actuators / Blocking and Control Valves Single / Multi-Burner Flame Safeguard Systems / Ignition Systems / UV Scanners / Flame Rods

Eclipse, Maxon, Fives North American, Hauck, NYB, Kromschroder, Honeywell

High Temperature Insulations

High Temperature Refractory – Kaowool and Superwool Environmental Blanket Paper / Boards / Insulating Brick / Pyro-Bloc Weld-On Modules / Engineered Shapes / Castable / Pipe Insulation / Insulating Blanket

Morgan Advanced Materials

Industrial Ovens and Furnaces

Custom Industrial Ovens, Furnaces, Washers, Dryers, and Complete Thermal Designed Systems

HeatTek, UniTherm

System Design Build & Service

Custom Systems Designed, Built & Installed /24-hour Emergency Services & Replacement Parts / Preventative Maintenance Programs / In-house Repair / Programming, Start-Up Repair of PLC’s / Safety Checks / Certification Calibration / Propane System Checkout / Environmental Emissions / Energy Efficiency Audits / Training

Burner Design and Control

Industrial Furnace Rebuilds

Expert refractory installation services for repair and rebuilds for Plastic — ram and gun / castable / brick / ceramic fiber linings / gunite / shotcrete / refractory demolition and tear out / refractory bake-out services/ turnkey installations

Ferris Kimball, GSI, HeatTek, Plibrico

Download FIC Line Sheet (PDF)