Our Mission and Values

Dear Friends,

“It is a certainty that shared values encourage cooperative relationships.” I don’t know who first said this, but when I first read this I had to think about the values it truly holds and certainly believe it to be true. With this thought in mind, I would like to explain where my motivation, passion, and joy derives’ as we work together at First Industrial Controls.

What Is This Company All About Anyway?

As a starting point for this discussion, I believe it is important to review First Industrial Controls purpose. This purpose statement drives decisions, both short and long term.

Our Purpose as a Company is:

To serve our customers with Excellence, Integrity, and Respect, and in the spirit of God’s love to be Authentic with our customers and one another.

We will best serve our customers by doing the following:

  • Satisfying Customers with high value products and services that provide effective solutions and create real economic value.
  • Creating for Employees a fulfilling and productive work environment in which they may grow and prosper in their careers and personal lives.
  • Delivering to Owners successful achievement of company goals in a manner consistent with our Purpose, Values, and a balanced scorecard.
  • Partnering with Suppliers to pursue mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Serving our Community as good citizens both corporately and individually.

Taken together, these commitments create a balanced scorecard to measure fulfillment of our Company Purpose.

We chart our course to success with three levels of planning:

Corporate — Foster a culture based on our values, purpose, and a balanced scorecard.

Business — To create a lean enterprise that achieves our overall goals.

Marketing — Being customer driven by delivering high value solutions to our customers.

The Foundation for This Perspective and My Personal Journey

The goals that have been presented are built upon basic beliefs that I was very fortunate to have gone through at a very young age even though I didn’t recognize until later in life. I was shown these values in both my parents and then in my grandmother as we went to church. It was there where my life’s journey truly began as they talked about Jesus of the Bible and what He had done for not only all the world, but for me personally. And it is to my mom’s faith and work ethic which has been an inspiration to me, profoundly affecting me, and has provided the direction that I have tried to follow in life.

As a young man I started out thinking there were a lot of things that I could not do or be. Fortunately even though it came later in life, I began to build my relationship with Jesus and His love for me, and began taking Him more seriously as I discovered that joy is based on our relationship with Him and doing our best in following the direction that He provides. As I have followed that direction, it is without doubt that Jesus Christ is in fact who the Bible says He is and that the Bible is indeed the Word of God. And even now I know He walks with me.

I know that this seems radical to some, especially those who have never examined the Bible thoroughly. And I have always felt that we should examine this person Jesus who claims to be God himself, and who, in fact, walked this earth 2000 years ago. And when we finally search for the truth and are honest to our self we find Jesus is who He says he is and a new path on life’s journey with Him is ours to follow. Even today the world confirms His existence every time the date “2012” is written or used.

A Guide For Living — and First Industrial Controls’ Operations Manual

BIBLE: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

Think of the Bible as our Operations’ Manual for Living as provided by God, the creator Himself. I believe that this is not only the manual for living personally but I believe it is for every facet of our lives including operating a business. This manual is in fact the basis for our Corporate Purpose. The Basic Operations’ manual says that God loves you and me and wants us to experience peace and life that is abundant and eternal. Not bad! Unfortunately, not everyone seems to enjoy this peace and abundant life because of separation from God through indifference or even rebellion to God’s plan for how we live. When we choose to live our own way separate from God, the Bible calls this attitude sin.

In order to fill our innate desires to satisfy ourselves, and often as a way of getting to God, we try to do good “works”. We try different religions, study philosophies, and try to be “moral”. Yet, God has provided a better plan — the opportunity for having faith and belief in Jesus Christ, a plan that caused God’s great suffering through the death of His only son, Jesus Christ. Jesus died on the cross and rose again from a very well protected tomb in order to pay the penalty for our indifference and wicked attitude against God himself. So that by our individually believing this unbelievable act of love from God himself, we might then enjoy a personal relationship with Almighty God!

An Individual Choice—and a Great Option!

You’ll notice I said individually. This personal relationship does not just happen by going to church or by only doing good but rather by believing in Jesus. It is a personal decision including one’s heart, mind, and soul! Anyone, who really takes this believing seriously, will begin to become a person with a new attitude and will also begin to understand the “abundant life” that God has planned for her or him. The abundance God provides is simply the “Fruits of the Spirit” Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Faithfulness, Self-control, Holiness, Goodness, and Gentleness…. (Galatians 5:22-23). And in believing in Jesus, the Operations’ Manual calls this being born again (John 3:3-8) as you are guided by the Holy Spirit who comes into you. In other words, one becomes “a new person” who better understands the things of God in a significant, even exciting level not previously experienced. The Operations’ Manual describes this as salvation — saved from eternal separation (hell) from God, and saved for eternal relationship with God (heaven). For this reason, Jesus came to save us, not to judge. (John 3:16)

At this point, the Operations’ Manual says, that we can know that we have eternal life, we can be assured (I John 5:12, 13). That knowledge frees us from haunting doubt and allows us to know where we would end up if we died tonight. In order to receive this awesome gift from God, all we must do is to tell Him, that we truly understand and desire (from our heart) to begin this career called life, anew, with the benefit and power of Almighty God to lean on, learn from, and to enjoy. Sounds great to me!

So Why Am I Sharing My Personal Perspective?

Some individuals will likely have difficulty accepting this knowledge. That is their personal choice, of course. I personally believe this is the most logical explanation of where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. If you agree that there is perhaps at least a 10% chance that the Operations’ Manual might be correct, are you willing to take that kind of an eternal risk?

As I see it, even if I was totally misguided regarding this belief in Christ, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by choosing Him. What I gain is a life of hope and a life of purpose. When we can trust, respect, and encourage one another as the Operations’ Manual teaches, life becomes much more enjoyable. It is not a life without problems to be sure but it is a life with potential solutions for those who apply biblical principles and allow God’s Spirit to empower them.

Now, if I really believe the above is truth, and believe that without accepting this truth I will likely experience eternal separation for God (hell), what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t tell you about the way to know God and enjoy Him forever (heaven)? I don’t think anyone could call me a friend at all if I did not pass on this kind of news. Therefore, I am motivated to share this good news!

What Does God Have To Do With Building a Business?

You may ask how does this thinking about God and business mix? Well, a rather large part of being in business for me comes for wanting to express God’s love in a meaningful way. I recognize that even recent fiascoes like Enron, Global Crossing, etc. put business in a questionable light (man regularly seems to let greed and selfish desire get the best of him).

However, I have come to believe that business can and should be a “noble venture”, making the world a better place. A few of my reasons are as follow:

  • Business creates “new” wealth and provides new technologies to enhance our ability to live productive lives.
  • Business allows for feeding the hungry and liberating the poor through creating jobs and helping to fund social needs.

 Business provides the only way to expand the economy. (Government can only “create” jobs if private enterprise provides the payroll.)

  • Business teaches discipline and if done properly, builds character and is a “value” creator.
  • Business is central to democracy and allows for the building of a civil society.
  • Business is the core of free enterprise and allows the entrepreneurial spirit to contribute to society in a meaningful way.
  • Business creates taxpayers that help to fund our law enforcement, educational needs, roads, health care, the protection of our country, etc., etc…
  • Business is a peace keeping tool; commerce is what happens to countries at peace.

Business also has obligations:

  1. Business has moral obligations, to avoid taking advantage of our people, our civilization, and our society in general.
  2. Business is a public trust. There is an ethic required in business, a moral environment, and direction that business needs to demonstrate.

All these obligations follow the Biblical principles, as I understand them. As we learn to respect each other, customers, vendors, and our families, we become aware that much ministry and concern for one another can occur.

The Challenge of Living Our Career Called Life: Both Personally and Corporately!

The problem with all of this talk is that individually we all struggle with our attitudes toward God, and each other at times. None of us has arrived; but we can, and should keep moving forward as we encourage each other. From my perspective, any other option is neither appealing, nor productive.

We all are stakeholders in this career called life. As we live together, work, and play together, we each need and desire for someone to care, and someone to care for. Your attitude is either your best friend or your worst enemy, your greatest asset or your greatest liability. It’s your choice; it’s my choice.

If you choose to follow Christ, the Operations’ Manual says that the Holy Spirit of God himself will dwell within you, to provide direction and courage to become the man or woman that God wants you to be; more than likely this is what you really want to become as well. And it all starts with forgiveness He can only provide.

Tomorrow’s Challenges—and Our Journey to Succeed!

Reflecting once again on our Corporate Purpose, today it seems to be even more valid, even more relevant today, than at any time in the past. This Purpose becomes challenging at times, as we struggle to move forward in our journey to achieve these expectations. However, wouldn’t we each prefer to work with those who struggle with rather lofty goals than to work alongside those who are satisfied with very mediocre results? No, we certainly have not reached our goals, have not reached the peak, but we are progressing in the journey! They are worthy goals, worthy of our energy, and worthy in God’s eyes and that settles it for me!

Because You Are A Very Important Contributor!

I want to thank you for your contribution to First Industrial Controls Inc. in the past and in the present, and ask for your continued input and ideas into the future. I know it is frustrating at times when nothing much seems to happen regarding items that are of concern to you. In our journey to improve and succeed, there are numerous opportunities to grasp, and challenges to meet to assure First Industrial Controls viability in the future.

Certainly one of the most significant opportunities is to continue to grow in our desire to care for one another. We want to strive to increase the awareness of our interdependence, recognize our needs for teamwork, and increase our encouragement of one another as we continue our journey into the future. There is no new “discovery” here as far as caring is concerned, just sound Biblical principles that work.

In closing, I would encourage you to consider the Biblical claims of Jesus Christ. He died to meet you and me. For each one of us, it should be our search for truth and to consider these claims for it may be the most important decision you will ever make. It certainly has been for me! I realize this discussion may seem “Holier” than Thou, and a bit presumptuous on my part. It is not meant to be that at all. Rather, I just offer my experience and thoughts for your consideration as we journey through this “Career Called Life”, together.

Very Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Wayne Roberts